Various health resources, although I will say I do not work for any particular group or advocate a particular plan for everyone.  It’s an individual journey.  No one has to live in my skin but me.  That being said, we’re all human, so what works for some may work well for others.

These will be resources such as larger websites devoted to healthy lifestyle in any number of ways.

This is Not a Diet – It’s My Life

The author of this blog is an individual who through her own personal journey in the weight loss world suddenly realized that the diet industry itself caters to a certain mentality that is destructive and even counterproductive to its original intent.  She advocates no specific approach other than finding the right balance of eating well and physical activity that will work for a person’s personal benefit.  She also maintains a Facebook community page designating to exchanging views and reflecting on various article, ideas and issues as well as recipes.  She is also in the process of collecting her experience working on her own journey partially through the utilization of her own blog and page community to create a book about her views regarding healthy lifestyle and the much less narrow approach that she advocates over the more scripted dietary methods.

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This is a very comprehensive webpage that is partly a weight loss and healthy lifestyle tool, partly a community and also an information source with lots of articles, blogs and links to many other resources.  Their approach is not one-size-fits-all, but they do have some guidelines they like to encourage.  For instance, they discourage yo-yo dieting, unhealthy relationships with food, diets that are of questionable nutritional soundness, and the general “quick fix mentality”.

Tools available through Spark are community-based (teams that can be created by members, personalized pages, blogs, message boards), information-based (articles, a DailyBlog contributed largely by professionals), recipes that can be shared throughout the whole community, and trackers for measuring progress in weight loss as well as exercise and nutritional information.

Weight Watchers

By now, almost everyone has probably heard of Weight Watchers.  Probably many people (including myself) have been part of the program at different phases of their life.  The programs are always changing with new ideas about nutrition and new ways to track their “Points” system.  Members can participate online or through in-person weighing in and attending groups.  When someone reaches a goal, that person becomes a lifetime member and may even choose to be a group leader.  Lots of encouragement and motivation goes around the meetings as people share struggles, tips and encouragement.  There are also products specifically geared to help people in their quest to manage their amount of Points. It’s a numbers game that takes some of the drudgery away from old-fashioned calorie counting.

Be ready for more to come . . . Stay tuned!


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