Hello world! Welcome to my nutrient dense journey!

I have tried for a long time — years, even — to “lose weight”.  It’s a tired story.  Just wait a sec’ and I’ll pull up some info you might not know about how many people go on diets or other missions to shrink their size, drop a few pounds, fit into that dress, satisfy the good ol’ doc, get ready for vacation season, lower their triglycerides.  Here, wait one moment, and I’ll find some information, okay?

Hmmm, lemme see, guys . . .

Okay, so here we have an article from the Guardian, an online publication from theUnited Kingdom.

“The ancient Greeks knew that slimming down was a question of time and moderation – and of wrestling, avoiding sex, walking around naked, and vomiting after lunch. For early Christians, gluttony, written on the body in flesh, acquired the status of a deadly sin – and we have been feeling guilty ever since. If we look back over the centuries, it’s obvious that much of the dieting industry has ruthlessly exploited our shame. It has promoted fraudulent ideas and useless, sometimes dangerous, products.” (Foxcroft, 2012)

The article starts out glibly as a reflection on the massive obsession about dieting that exists in Western society.  Even for people who are skinny, take for example, my dear husband, these people seem to measure health largely on their size.  Some other people ignore size as an indicator of health.  Size, to me, is only one part of the picture.  Weight, also, is only one factor in the equation.  There are so many issues to consider when we think about health, not only our corporal bodies but our mental, spiritual, and psychological health.  These are equally important and can affect our physical health as well.  It is not up to debate or merely a concern for those interested in the holistic health sciences.  These issues are for everyone regardless of whether one seeks a professional for them or not.

This blog is most particularly about my own health, maintaining the health that I already have and gaining ground toward an optimally healthy lifestyle to the fullest extent possible.  Health here is defined as a lifestyle which allows me to succeed in life, practices of everyday activities which result in an overall positive experience, and these include my relationships and psychological health, too.

In this particular blog, I will focus on the health which is affected by nutrition and exercise.  Guess which part of my health that is, people?  Do you think exercise and nutrition is only good for losing weight?

My goal in life is to lead a balanced and happy one where I benefit the most people including myself.  By engaging in enough physical exercise, cultivating a spiritual life, eating nutritionally sound foods and practicing mindfulness in my endeavors (as examples of health), I can be more apt to enjoy all life has to offer.

Health does not mean deprivation or staying away from tasty food.  Health does not mean killing me to train away all fat from my body.  Fat is necessary for the body.  Fun is necessary for the soul.  Rewards are necessary to stay interested.  All of it is important.  The spirit with which it is done will also affect the results achieved.

To mark my progress and gain insight, I am part of an online community called SparkPeople.  In this community, there is a tracking system available as well as a plethora of health articles and support from other members.  Those reading my writings need not follow any particular method except that which aids their own progress.  There is no prescription other than that which leads to health.

It’s also important to say that I am not a professional.  I follow an almost completely vegan diet (to a large extent animal product-free) although sometimes I am not completely consistent.  This is not a website about vegans, animal rights issues or about a particular style of living.

The blog is centered on nutrient rich eating since that is my chosen method.  I am basing my approach on an eating style advocated by Joel Fuhrman, writer of the book Eat to Live and a two-part set called Eat for Health.  The central idea is that a high ratio of nutrients for the amount of calories consumed is best.  Examples of high nutrient foods include dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, chard, bok choy, spinach or various fruits, whole grains and beans.  For more information, you can do a search, but I am sure I will be talking more about it in future entries.

Just because I talk about my way does not mean anyone has to use this method.  This blog is made for my personal use to document my progress, share my struggles and triumphs, and to share information as well as make the journey more fun.  I enjoy writing very much, heard a lot about how it has helped some folks who were improving their lives through lifestyle changes, and I decided to start using it as a way to keep myself accountable.

I hope those who read will enjoy and share your own experiences and what you do.  I am interested in others’ progress.  It would probably help me to be motivated as well.

Again, I am not here to teach or instruct.  I will share my cooking pictures, recipes, exercise plans, ideas, and experiences, but this is just for me.  Of course, if readers are interested in learning more, the information is available. Thanks for coming to the site.

Ciao bella.