Motivation is best with momentum, and to keep the momentum, one trick is to look back at all the accumulated successes.  By keeping track of them here, I will be able to keep myself happy about the journey and how far I’ve come.  There will still be weekly updates on the main page, but this section is devoted exclusively to recognizing myself, giving myself a proverbial thumbs up.



Today I stopped by Target in search of patio furniture.  I was mostly browsing.  I’m not ready to buy yet.  Just looking, checking things out, prices and sizes appropriate for my small backyard that I now have as a result of moving downstairs in my apartment complex.

While I was checking out furniture, I ventured into an adjacent section that featured gardening items.  I browsed around, finally discovering a “self-watering” eco-friendly kit for starting seeds.  It has 16 squares and comes with everything needed: tray, mat, planting stand, etc.  I need a watering can and some various gardening pots.  I will check those out soon.  I just wanted to get the basics.

I picked up some organic seeds for vegetables (cucumbers, peas, lettuce, spinach and carrots) , tomatoes and one herb (a variety of basil).

When I got home, I called my mother, who has grown many things in her time.  We used to have a quite varied garden when I was young.  This included almond trees, tomato starters that my father planted each year in a large wine barrel, various vegetables to include potatoes, onions, garlic and chives, also a very diverse herb garden ranging from basil to lavender to rosemary.  The garden got destroyed when the leach field to the property’s septic system went bad.  There had to be a new leach field.  We also had strawberries, a few flowers, some grapes way back when and even a macintosh apple tree (although we had an Apple II gs for a computer back then ;-)).

I asked my mother some gardening questions.  My husband is a landscaper and has worked in nurseries before.  Also, I have a good friend who is a deacon at a church in a part of town where I used to live.  He may be able to give me some advice on how to go about getting started.  I figured the carrots, lettuce, peas and spinach might be the ones to start first.

It’s my first time attempting a real garden for my own home before.  I tried various  plants but never was good with keeping them.  I am excited to try, but I’m also a bit nervous.  It might be a really good and relaxing hobby as well as a source of the freshest organic produce I would be able to find assuming I’m able to successfully grow the things I bought.

I have a pretty shady yard.  My mother said if I really have trouble growing any of it, a grow light might work.  There are times of the year when there is more sunlight.  I’m thinking it should be possible.  I sure hope so.  I would look forward to growing my own greens, tomatoes, carrots and eventually other things in my yard.



Today I noticed that in my black slacks from “Just My Size” brand, the ones that used to have trouble closing so much that the first closure had broken off, I can now pull the hook that would have gone to the first closure all the way to the second.  That’s how much I’ve lost in my waist.  This accompanies about a 30-pound weight loss from when I had my baby two years ago, and I’m still going!


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