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I received some strong compliments yesterday on a picture of my breakfast.  I don’t want to let it go to my head, but it is true that the breakfast in question was pretty darned amazing (and simple, like most of my other shtuff.  Yesterday I made a tofu scramble with three seasonings: Paprika, turmeric and onion powder.  The flavor combination worked very nicely.  Lots of recipes for tofu scrambles with include nutritional yeasts.  I’ve seen one (just yesterday) that included Egg Replacer as well, but that was more of a mock omelet recipe prepared in the oven — a more involved recipe using Daiya vegan cheddar cheese, not something I’m sure I would do.  I tried Daiya a few times.  I know people will rave about it being melty and cheesy, but something about it is weird to me.  Maybe it’s me.

Anyway, I’ve started making simple tofu scrambles recently from just extra firm tofu, some spices like the ones

Extra-firm tofu cooked in olive oil (I'm still trying to learn the verdict on whether cooking in olive oil is the best thing -- I've been deliberating on change it as my go-to oil).
The chopped apple and tangerine give a nice contrast to the spice of the paprika.

I just mentioned and a variety of ingredients, most often spinach and mushrooms or something on those lines.  Sometimes I’ve added fresh salsa, which is a nice tomatoey way.  Yesterday I tried a way that was probably the best yet.  It used the seasonings describe, then added frozen spinach and a frozen mix from Bird’s Eye that I really like, having black beans plus some peppers, onion, black beans, corn and maybe some other seasonings mixed in there. I guess it’s one of those partially homemade meals, but many of my best meal ideas are like that.  I added some chopped apple and two small tangerines.  It was scrumpdiddliumptious if I must say.  

As an incidental bit of information, an old high school friend commented on a picture I shared via Facebook that I should consider going into some kind of vegan cooking/cookbook venture.  I gave it some thought, and I’m considering this.  It’s not a done deal in terms of a decision, however.  I’m about one of the most indecisive people you’ll ever meet (up to a point), but that’s neither here nor there.)

On the other end of the breakfast spectrum, sometimes I’ll have just a bit of fruit.  I like to have at least three kinds and add some kind of protein source often.  Today I just took the same kind of apples I used on the side in the picture with the tofu scramble, and I warmed them up along with some berries that had been originally frozen, and along with those, they were warmed with some tahini (previously mentioned as being featured in salads, but tahini can be used in many, many ways — from sweets to desserts even to salads of course — very versatile food really.

The fruit is obvious, but the tahini is the little rounded bump in the middle, behind my spoon. I can say that it's interesting to note that warm berries and fruit like this acts something like a comfort food interestingly enough. Sometimes people think comfort comes from starch and fat, but not necessarily, at least to me.

I’m still kind of hungry, but I’m going to wait because my mother is coming over since I’m kind of staying home a lot these days with my ankle injury, and she’s keeping me company while helping me with various home-related tasks.  It’s nice, really.


I like big breakfasts.  One issue I have always had is trying to find the right amount  of food I need at a certain hour of the day.  Some of this is in relation to habit.  Some it it depends on my mood.  These are emotional reasons, primarily.  Some of it also might relate to the nutritional content and the role of that food in relation to my needs at a certain time of the day.

Sometimes I’ve had a bowl of fruit for breakfast (the more types of fruit, the better).   My favorites here are with a good mix,  a couple kinds of berries, some kind of citrus, melon (if I can get it), pineapple, kiwis, apple slices, maybe some dried fruit and nuts as well.  Oh, I love fruit.

Other times, when I’ve been lazier, I’ve just made some toasted Ezekial bread with peanut butter or Earth Balance (a vegan butter-like spread).  At least it’s Ezekial (sprouted bread) as opposed to other low-quality bread, I would tell myself.

My favorite breakfasts are high protein breakfasts that also contain some vegetables.  Yesterday I had a tofu scramble with lots of veggies that I shared with my husband.  He wanted more despite being an avid meat eater!  Today I made a similar one but with just spinach and mushrooms.  The seasonings were the following:  Mrs. Dash onion/herb blend, turmeric, cumin, onion powder, paprika, Himalayan pink sea salt, a dash of low sodium soy sauce …. then I let it cook in a pan with small amount of olive oil.  Mmmm.  It was satisfying and tasty, and I bet it will last me all morning in terms of fullness.



Today for lunch, I wanted something light after my big breakfast I shared with my husband (tofu scramble with lots of veggies and heirloom tomato).  For lunch, I just had a simple smoothie containing almond milk, baby spinach, one gala apple and frozen raspberries plus frozen strawberries.

The smoothie is shown below on my dining room table.  That’s just one half.  I also consumed the other half.

I haven’t had a smoothie containing greens in a long time, but they can be tasty.  With spinach, I find I don’t so much taste it.  I’ve tried the kale mixed in, but I wasn’t so fond of it.  That was a while back, and I mixed it with blueberries or something, I think.  Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.



I love salads.  Some people don’t.  That’s okay, but raw vegetables don’t have to be tiresome.  I like a lot of add-ins to my salads.  They vary a lot.  From beans to tofu, fruit to cruciferous vegetable such as broccoli, I love to mix different things to make my salad experience *pop*!

I am also not afraid to add some high-fat items such as tahini, avocado, vegan mayo, or nuts.  Some kinds of fat are more beneficial than others, and to be honest, fat is a necessary part of a healthy eating plan that should be included in measured amounts.

Usually, when I include one high-fat item, I don’t do much more than that. Sometimes I still don’t skimp.  One time I had avocado and vegan mayo and  some small amount of trail mix from Jamba Juice that contained nuts and dried fruit.  This was all nutritional and delicious paired with some fresh sliced apples atop some Romaine lettuce (my personal favorite) and leftover pasta and cooked mixed vegetables.  Scrumptious!

Today, here’s my salad….  Over a canvas of Italian mix, I’ve added organic sprouted tofu from Nasoya, leftover cooked pasta (tri-color & bow-tie), hot fresh salsa, sliced gala apple, tahini (a Mediterranean sesame seed spread), and just the last bit of Goddess Dressing from Trader Joe’s that was the last of the bottle!  The slightly sweet tahini and apple balance out the hot salsa nicely!  Perfecto y delicioso! ❤

Salad as the main dish, a la nutrient rich style



Found at

Crispy Tofu Recipe for the Non-Tofu

I am already a “tofu lover”, but I think this sounds simple, plus my mother is coming over tomorrow and I think she and my husband would enjoy it.  I’ll be adding it to a meal this week.  There will be more.

This morning, I think I’m finally going to try a pomello, which is a citrus fruit larger than a grapefruit.


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