There was a point recently where my self care ranked, as some might say…..nothing, nada, zip.  Regards to this, it might come as no surprise…… I suffered!  I, as well as everyone, need to take care of myself.  I realized how I’ve always spent my life telling or doing things that did not hark of a person who lives herself.  There are, as we all know, many excuses…. Not to take care of ourselves.  However, you don’t need to be attempting to lose weight or overcoming grave circumstance to reduce the amount of suffering in your own, Your, you r, life.  You only have one life as the person you are right now.  That person, as every person deserves to thrive. 

My personal, my own priorities involve wellness, sociology, psychology, freedom…… And lighter pursuit a such as frivolity & joy.  Nobody can tell you how to be you, but on that same token, …. You are always you.  It’s a done deal.  So, why would you choose to be an unhealthy or unhappy version.  It’s also, as you know, I’m sure, nice to do stuff for No reason…… Just be a person of integrity, honest with yourself and keep it in perspective.  

Just now I had a piece of Ghiradelli dark chocolate, and…. I’m aware,the veggie sandwich I had for lunch was delicious.


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