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Last Sunday, I made a non-nutritive choice and decided to go out to Denny’s with my husband.  I was going to order a $2-something quesadilla, while he was going to order some chicken thing that was supposed to cost like $4.  We were going to try to enjoy eating out on a budget but sans healthy considerations.  Promptly, down I went, literally.

I live in an apartment complex in a small one-bedroom apartment.  My husband lives in a housing program, and we are possibly going to re-unify in time.  Meanwhile, he visits me most every weekend (with a few exceptions).  We often eat out on the weekends because it’s a nice way to spend time together that we don’t always have.  With eating out regularly, we sometimes cut corners on nutrition.

Next to the complex, there’s a mall.  In fact, my complex is situated in quite a busy part of my city.  It’s not really a big city, but it’s the only real city-city of my area.  I’m not sure how to explain.  You’d probably have to see it, but this discussion digresses from my main point.

Often, when I go out with or without my husband, the shortest way anywhere is to cross over this big parking lot that is behind Sears.  This time, someone left a (probably accidental) booby trap — and I was the booby!  I tripped over what my husband says was a glass bottle.  I was wearing these ugly (formerly really cute) clogs that I’d gotten a few years ago at the Salvation Army.  It was beyond time to retire them.  They have made me fall in the past.  This time it was not only them that made me fall, the bottle didn’t help either.  The shoes only made it worse, though.  I screamed some kind of bloody murder when I fell.  My husband was visibly scared.

I did probably the most unwise thing, but I didn’t know the best thing to do.  I already have many accumulated medical debts, you see.  My husband took me to Urgent Care, which was a bit of a ways considering that the next day when I finally got an X-ray (Urgent Care didn’t have one), they confirmed that I had a small fracture.  It was not until yesterday that I received a black wrap-stabilizing thing that laces up.  I’m still not sure how to use it yet, so I have not yet showered (you can take it off to shower, also to clean it).  I know I will figue this out soon.

My mother (bless her) came and took care of me today.  She made me some lentils from the dry ones I’ve had on hand.  Last night, I also had canned lentil soup with some frozen vegetables.  That was the first nutritious thing I ate in a couple days.  The day I fell, I knew I couldn’t stand long enough even to boil some pasta, so I ordered pizza to last at least three days (for me, it was the two one-topping medium pizzas with a third thing — a a sandwich).

I felt terrible after eating unhealthy for a few days.  I could feel the difference even in my teeth.  While I had gone to the first doctor in a cab, asked her to stop on the way back to get an ankle wrap (that I couldn’t safely use yet), and I also got a cold pack.  The best thing I got that day was water.  Filtered bottled water, a big jug.  The water in my area is not clean from the tap.  Yesterday, also, I after going to the orthopedic doctor, I asked my friend to stop at a store.  I could only get three things, so I got the frozen veggies, Progresso lentil soup and a packet of mixed berries.

I have just one cup of oatmeal left that I will mix with some berries tomorrow for breakfast.  I ate some boiled dry lentils with my mom before she left.  She put it in a very small red Asian bowl I have, but it was delish.  She just added some garlic powder, olive oil, and I added some sea salt.  She also added some sesame seeds that I bought from Target, which come in a little seasoning jar.

For dinner, I cooked the rest of the lentils (which have lots of water), and I added some more frozen veggies (some is still left for later in the freezer), and I added chopped yellow onion as well as onion powder (I like onion flavor in my soups now, whereas I didn’t used to like onions for years).

I’ve also been eating organic crunchy peanut butter and raw unsalted almond butter from the jars with a spoon.

I’m able to walk with a lot more stability.

I feel it’s important to eat healthy all the time, but especially, I feel it’s important when re-cooping from an injury or an illness.  The body uses a lot of resources to bring itself back into balance.  In my case, the added care of having my mother help me out, a friend who assisted in getting to an appointment (as well as cleaning my home a bit), and even just a friendly person like the cab driver — these are nourishing for the spirit as well.  Positive feelings are just as important a part of the healing process as the physical stuff.

Soon, I may be able to handle going down the street to go to the credit union, pay a bill, and go get a couple things at the store.  In fact, the supermarket allows us to take the cart down the street, so this is what I probably will do.  I can just use the cart to help secure me, and set the crutches in the cart until I get home.


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