English: Soy milk in Beijing, China

Image via Wikipedia - This pic shows soy milk from China. I'm not sure where the soy beans for Silk soy milk originate, but they are tasty.

spaghetti pasta with broccoli, garlic, and som...

Image via Wikipedia - This is a picture of another pasta dish that looks tasty. I could totally do this. A dash of Mrs. Dash and garlic salt would go nicely. MMMM. Veggie power!

English: A honeycrisp apple from an organic fo...

Image via Wikipedia - Apples are grand, Man.

This is according to my dear, sweet husband.  We have had our marital trials, which I will spare the gentle reader of listening to the typical goings on of a rocky start to a passionate romance.  At least, that’s my take, but it’s not for the subject of this blog.

It’s nice to know, still.  It’s good to think that my overall well being is perceived by someone who I love and who loves me to be a marker of my love for him.  It really shows he cares besides some of our difficulties.  This shows he is sincere in his caring.  It’s something I will always remember when I’m thinking of being lazy and not doing the things I know I must in order to be well.

I didn’t sleep at all on the night I wrote last, then I didn’t eat the following day.  I didn’t eat until I got home from my husband’s house and church.  I felt cramps today.  My dear husband told me it might be from not eating.  I didn’t understand at first because we had just gone to lunch.  He was aggravated that I didn’t understand.  He was trying to help me, but I was being thickheaded.  He really does care.  I see that.

After lunch, he helped me get a bit of groceries from Target (they now have a larger food section).  I got gala apples, organic baby greens, a package with green and yellow summer squash, hot salsa (didn’t realize it was so hot), two kinds of whole grain organic smaller pasta, plus one that is spaghetti or angel hair, and a tri-colored pasta with some organic vegetables for coloring, Hunts diced tomatoes (two regular, one fire-roasted; on sale), sliced white button mushrooms, some yogurts for him, organic unsweetned soy milk, sprouted organic tofu and also green beans and maybe some other vegetable.

For dinner, I’m thinking of a measured amount of organic whole wheat pasta that is in a “bow tie” shape (forget the right name) with some fire roasted tomatoes, dried basil, garlic powder and some of the summer squash and mushrooms.  This sounds good to me.  I was planning to have an apple before to help control hunger, provided added nutrients, ensure I get enough fruit in my diet.  I will have another apple if I get hungry later in the evening to prevent snacking on less nutritious things.  I don’t really have any of those snacks, anyway.  Oh, also, I can have some onions with the pasta dish.  I have some yellow onions that would go nicely.  This sounds like a good dinner, but it’s not time.

Right now, today, I’m just going to clean my house, create a sanctuary for a sound and well life.  I’m going to enjoy my living space more this way.

My husband is talking about the possibility of moving in together again.  I said we should move to another place in that case.  We can do so with him living with me.  I’ll find a job, too.  I need to keep my head about it and make it a smart move for both of us.  This means taking care of myself so that I am in a position to contribute to the relationship well.  It also means being patient with both of us and being understanding.  Health is about all of that, interpersonal and internal life.  It’s all involved in creating a whole person.


About theworldofwilma

I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, a patient, a friend, a woman, a client, a parent, a vegetarian, a believer, an environmentalist and probably much more. . . but mostly I'm just me, quirky, silly ol' nonsensical Wilma, and I wouldn't have it any other way. In addition, I am just recently new in the world of self published, self illustrated children's literature. Please see some pictures from my first work. I invite all interest and dialogue from illustration artists, authors, publishers, marketers, writers of all kinds, parents, or anyone interested in the printed word for young readers. I am just starting out and want to learn all I can.

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  1. wartica says:

    That is great that you, and your husband, are eating healthy. I’ve yet to find a partner like that, but when I do, I’ll know shes a keeper:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • More to the point, he wants me to take care of myself. As for him, he is a smoker and he doesn’t always eat the healthiest, but he does like vegetables. If he lived with me, maybe it would be different. He doesn’t like to cook so eats a lot of frozen meals. We’re working things out, though. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Maxi Malone says:

    You and your husband can compromise. You agree to join in some of his meals; he agrees not to smoke in the house. This way, each gives to one another and to the relationship.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • He already does not smoke inside. We eat pretty differently, though. I am vegetarian, leaning toward vegan while he prefers meat. He will eat vegetables but mostly will not cook on his own. He eats a lot of frozen while the only frozen food I eat are fruits & veggies. He and I live separately but are attempting to work it

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